DK FMA coming back to wordpress.

DK FMA is coming back to wordpress.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. As the title says, we are dropping facebook as we move into the new year. The DK FMA and Self-defense page and the Latosa Concepts, FMA page will need a revamping and updating to make sure there are no dead links and the sort.

The reason for this is that we have had a private group and fb page. As fb has become more radical towards pages and causes that are anti fb-agenda. The agenda driven aspects of FB makes it hard to support that platform.  It’s nice to just click over to a page or group, but we are not going to make a deal with the devil. Continuing with the club page on fb would be doing this.

A private group, for normal everyday “ping pong” and other subjects, has been created on Time will tell if we create a page on We are not in the process of looking for new students at the moment. Old students are always welcome, but my/our focus is on making the men with us better as quick as possible. We will see if the door is opened for more people when we get closer to the outdoor season. My personal mission is to make sure the men with us at the moment are capable of spreading the skills we train if I no longer am here to do that. MA is still in Jutland, Dk, as well as the men here in the Zealand, Dk.

We are also looking for the right platform for the videos. Google/youtube has been pushing an agenda that is hard to live with if you have standards. I try to live by a code and supporting the devious behaviour of the company is not within that code for life. This website and the Latosa Concepts, FMA page, both pushed and supported the idea of self-defense, self-reliance and independence. The above mention platforms are against these ideas. In short, we don’t build “sheople” from men and women.

We form /help people to have the skills to defend their families and others not to become defenceless! Being self-reliant means standing on your own feet when at all possible.

Some of the things that have been posted on Fb are ideas for physical training, ideas for health and wellness, and self-reliance. Please be patient with the rate of the move and revamping.

In short start getting back to this page rather than Fb.

I will talk at you later folks


Stay Proactive in Life and Training









DK FMA Training is in Gentofte for the time being, August 22, 2016

DK FMA Training is in Gentofte for the time being, August 22, 2016

Training will be  happening in Gentofte unless there is text message regarding a change.

Time 17:00 – 18:30

Have your outdoor clothing, water bottle, stick, mama gloves etc

See you there men!

Stay Proactive


Beach training on 8 June, 2016

Beach training on 8 June, 2016. 17.00-18-30, CharlottenLund Fort

See picture here.

Start time: 1700Latosa Concepts Escrima. Training, seminars and friends past and present

End: 18:30

Contact me if you need to be picked up at the station.

Have your sticks, gloves, water bottle and dues with you men.



Outdoor training at Charlottenlund Fort, 1 June, 2016.

DK FMA and Self-Defense group training update for 1-06-2016.

This is the link for the Facebook Page for DK FMA and Self-Defense Group.

Have your water bottles with you. There is a coffee bar / kiosk and bathrooms there.

The link for the picture that shows where we meet at Charlottenlund Fort is here.

Well done monday btw. See you there men.


Husk den korrekte email og træning opdatering

Bare en hurtig besked. Vi har fået nogle spørgsmål via email fornylig. Vi har ikke kunne sende et svar da e-mailen ikke er god. Hvis du ikke har fået et svar, skriv igen!

Vi lukker døren til lokalet i Grøndals Centret mens vi træne om mandagen og onsdagen, grundet forstyrrelse.

Husk at melde jer til General forsamling og jeres ønsker for hvad I vil komme med til middagen.




LC Escrima and DK FMA class update and Terminology for January 2016.

LC Escrima and DK FMA class update and Terminology for January 2016.


Check it out guys and gals! Click on the linked go to Latosa for your update on classes and more. There is some FMA terminology as well.

Have a great one!



Source: LC Escrima and DK FMA class update and Terminology for January 2016.

Godt Nyt år fra DK FMA og Selvforsvar Gruppen

Nyt års aften er snart her og vi vil gerne ønske jer et rigtigt Godt Nyt År i 2016.

For at læse en kort post fra Latosa Concepts klik på linket neden under.

Happy New Year from Latosa Concepts, FMA

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 19.56.46




Selvforsvar træning i København video

1 måneds gratis træning selvforsvar københavn
1 måneds gratis træning selvforsvar københavn