Tip of the day for self training. Assorted selection of training tips and programs

Tip of the day:
Tips and tricks to get a better work out effect!
I did a pull /dl program today.

I did 1 handed explosive swings, 1 leg DL (asymmetric), core (strength based today), back extensions high rep, Ring pull ups with rotation, Swing etc……….

Tip 1 . Do explosive exercises first. Always more complex before less complex! Asymmetric anti-rotation and explosive swing before slower dl’s
Tip 2. Do dynamic before static strength. Pull ups then static hold in swings!

All this gets into the arena of pre /post-exhaust programs. It also gets into dynamic back and bicep training then static training of the same!

Finally think of strength and condition training as a way to avoid injuries from combative training. Think of the exercises you do as creating balance to avoid looking like a hunched over boxer.

Stay Proactive in Training and Life!

Tip of the day:
This wk-end I did a split kb program divided between two days. The push squat program was a high rep program with hanging core training.
The pull program was as follows:
– asymmetric 1 leg dl’s. Note that the larger wght should be on the Lat/outside side of your leg
– 1 kb cleans to rack pos.
– 1/3 get ups. … you stay down on the floor
– back ext.
– Ring pull ups. Dead hang in pull-up pos., pull up to a tight narrow chin up pos.
I warmed up with some lighter wghts. and trained with 28 and 24kg bells. Note the asymmetric.
Weakest link always decides. An example is when doing the t-get-ups. Your ability to hold the shoulder stable and the ability to hold both feet down are alpha and omega. When one thing starts to not work you stop.
I did ca 5 sets.
Tip of the day!
4 day program for conditioning and quick sessions every day.
Day 1:
– squat press, explosive and high rep ( 20 reps)
– hanging core training. Knee to bar!
Day 2:
– High rep 1 hand swings (20 each side)
– Hanging core training to 90%
– chin ups to dead hand pos.
– calf training
Day 3:
– Bulgarian squats
– tricep extension
– core training. Hanging core with rotation. Kne to opp. knee
Day 4:
-1 hand swing 20 each side
-renegade row ( this is for core! focus on core/ shoulder stability and not twisting the body)
-1 leg dl version
-lateral standing crunches (kb in 1 hand!!!!)
– ring pull ups (extension pull up pos- flex chin up position)
Take at least 2 days break from training after this program
Start doing more conditioning rather than strength men. There will be more strike pad training now we are outside !!!!!
Stay proactive in life and training!
Tip of the day!
A pulling program for today. As we have said many times everything we do in combative training is almost always asymmetric in the effects on the body. OL lifters can do symmetric movements in their sport. Surviving on the street is completely asymmetric in many aspects; one of which is the physical demands on the body. Ergo programs like this one.
Warm up with light 1 hand kb swings, cleans, squats, calf raises and more. No wgt get-up-situps, and scapular pulls in the pull up pos.
– 1 handed kb swings 15 plus on each side
– BOR with body roration 15 plus on each side
– 1 leg DL with Kb in outside hand in relation to body. 10 plus each side
– 15 plus sit-up-get up with kb
– 15 plus 1 leg calf raise on each side
– 10 plus close grip pull ups with hands touching each other
The higher reps are for a combination of conditioning and strength. It could always be adjusted in both direction (more or less)
I used 24 and 28 kg bells. for some drills like the dl’s …The 28 on the outside. The Dl’s can be done with the back leg /foot kicked back or as a real 100% 1 leg dl. AKA the back leg comes up behind you as the goes down towards the floor.
Tip of the day!
I am home and sitting on my butt… kinda sick. This is the subject of the day.
I will not train today. There are training systems developed in which heart rate variability is followed. In short when your heart rate stays up for longer periods of time, you should do a light training session , mobility or even skip training that day. When your body is ready again you can really poor on the gas or step it up from the level you are at.
An example of the levels could be no training, mobility training, light conditioning, light strength training, heavy strength training/ explosive training/ etc.
Stay proactive


Tip of the day!

Tip of the day!
I am home and sitting on my butt… kinda sick. This is the subject of the day.
I will not train today. There are training systems developed in which heart rate variability is followed. In short when your heart rate stays up for longer periods of time, you should do a light training session , mobility or even skip training that day. When your body is ready again you can really poor on the gas or step it up from the level you are at.
An example of the levels could be no training, mobility training, light conditioning, light strength training, heavy strength training/ explosive training/ etc.
Stay proactive
Tip of the day!
Rest based training.
Interval training is a type of rest based training, but not the other way around. Interval training could be 20sec work/10 sec rest/ 20 sec work / etc for 4 minutes.
When doing rest based training, you have to listen to your body. Listen to you heart beat, nervous system, and so on.
The “work” phase can be many things. front squats, hitting sit-ups, shadow boxing with dumb bells, jump squats, sprinting, speed training with 2 sticks and on and on. You can also combine them.
When you do rest based training you need to have a type of connection with your body that allows you to feel when your balance, coordination, heart beat, etc are ready. What feels right today may not be the same as next week or two days from now. Instead of letting the clock say when you go again you listen to your body.
If you are honest with yourself you will get more out of rest “based training.” By focusing on good reps not the time you will train your nervous system to do something correctly every time. This could be compared to a person who runs for the above mentioned 20 sec. even though their knee/foot is collapsing inward.This is typical today because of the modern life style (Sitting all day long, lack of collagen etc). rest based training would say that the person springs as long as the leg structure holds and the rest works like it should.
In the speed training we do for escrima we use hitting sit-ups and other drills. If you start doing the hitting sit-ups incorrectly then you are wasting your time in that you are training the nervous system to do the reps badly.
By using a rest based training method you will be able to adjust your training for the day to your physical /mental stress level.
Enjoy folks and Stay Proactive in Life and Training
Tip of the day!
As you have noticed, my wkend program is divided into 2 parts pushing/lunges, squats etc and the rest on the next day. During the wk I will do a full body with lighterr weights and all general functions…squat etc. Here is an easy way to change your squats up.
1. straight 10 rm
2. asymmetric 10 rm
3. explosive symmetric ( I like squat press. 2 for 1)
4. conditioning style 20 rm This could be 10left and 10right asymmetric as well
5 Easy 10 rep set followed by a lunge directly afterwards. I like to do side lunges with this one.
6 progressively heavier and less reps with each set. I like this one as well.
1 Change your hanging core exercises up every time you do a new set. rotations ( I do some wind shield wipers lately) knee to elbow, knee to bar, knee to opposite elbow. look up different exercises these are but some
2 I did ring knee lift today. Arms straight down at your side w/ hands in gym rings. Anterior should lock down. This will hit higher up on your stomach muscles as well as the rest.
Have a great day folks.
Be aware men that we will be transitioning to a new training theme in the near future. Flow will still be part of it, just not the main focus.
Have a great wkend!
Stay proactive
Tip of the day!
The old fart had a headache yesterday. This resulted in a full body program today. This is a conditioning program that I did today.
1. 1 hand complex: swing/ squat/press. right hand 10-15/left 10-15 reps
2. back ext. 20 plus reps
3. Calf ext. 20 plus reps
4. A new pull up version with each new set. 10 plus reps
5. Hanging core training. New version every set. 10 plus reps.
Take a short break between exercises if your nervous system needs it, or if you heart rate is too high for you.
I did 5 rounds. The weight will be lower when it is a conditioning program. You will be tired from the exercise before. a 10 second break will help you charge up for the next exercise.
Warm up with a light weight. I used 8 kg. / 16 lbs.
Training weight 28 kg kb. / ca 56 lbs
Tip of the day for conditioning and strength training. This is based on a push day and a pull pay day program.
When you are doing a push day program have two or maybe three different squat /lunge exercises while only doing 1 arm (push) exercise. This could be an overhead press. You hit the shoulders as well as the triceps.
When you come back around to a push day again, switch it up. Double up on the pushing arm exercises and less leg squat/lunge exercises. This could be dips and open chain press exercises or any other combo’s
The same goes for explosive compared to more hypertrophy type exercise. This is where I like to use the squat press with kb’s. I focus on the explosive aspect of the exercise and it’s a chance to work on continuing the energy from the squat to the overhead press. This gets back to the focus of our training lately in escrima. …Flow!


Go get done men!


Stay Proactive in Life and Training


DK FMA coming back to wordpress.

DK FMA is coming back to wordpress.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. As the title says, we are dropping facebook as we move into the new year. The DK FMA and Self-defense page and the Latosa Concepts, FMA page will need a revamping and updating to make sure there are no dead links and the sort.

The reason for this is that we have had a private group and fb page. As fb has become more radical towards pages and causes that are anti fb-agenda. The agenda driven aspects of FB makes it hard to support that platform.  It’s nice to just click over to a page or group, but we are not going to make a deal with the devil. Continuing with the club page on fb would be doing this.

A private group, for normal everyday “ping pong” and other subjects, has been created on mewe.com. Time will tell if we create a page on mewe.com. We are not in the process of looking for new students at the moment. Old students are always welcome, but my/our focus is on making the men with us better as quick as possible. We will see if the door is opened for more people when we get closer to the outdoor season. My personal mission is to make sure the men with us at the moment are capable of spreading the skills we train if I no longer am here to do that. MA is still in Jutland, Dk, as well as the men here in the Zealand, Dk.

We are also looking for the right platform for the videos. Google/youtube has been pushing an agenda that is hard to live with if you have standards. I try to live by a code and supporting the devious behaviour of the company is not within that code for life. This website and the Latosa Concepts, FMA page, both pushed and supported the idea of self-defense, self-reliance and independence. The above mention platforms are against these ideas. In short, we don’t build “sheople” from men and women.

We form /help people to have the skills to defend their families and others not to become defenceless! Being self-reliant means standing on your own feet when at all possible.

Some of the things that have been posted on Fb are ideas for physical training, ideas for health and wellness, and self-reliance. Please be patient with the rate of the move and revamping.

In short start getting back to this page rather than Fb.

I will talk at you later folks


Stay Proactive in Life and Training









DK FMA Training is in Gentofte for the time being, August 22, 2016

DK FMA Training is in Gentofte for the time being, August 22, 2016

Training will be  happening in Gentofte unless there is text message regarding a change.

Time 17:00 – 18:30

Have your outdoor clothing, water bottle, stick, mama gloves etc

See you there men!

Stay Proactive


Beach training on 8 June, 2016

Beach training on 8 June, 2016. 17.00-18-30, CharlottenLund Fort

See picture here.

Start time: 1700Latosa Concepts Escrima. Training, seminars and friends past and present

End: 18:30

Contact me if you need to be picked up at the station.

Have your sticks, gloves, water bottle and dues with you men.



Husk den korrekte email og træning opdatering

Bare en hurtig besked. Vi har fået nogle spørgsmål via email fornylig. Vi har ikke kunne sende et svar da e-mailen ikke er god. Hvis du ikke har fået et svar, skriv igen!

Vi lukker døren til lokalet i Grøndals Centret mens vi træne om mandagen og onsdagen, grundet forstyrrelse.

Husk at melde jer til General forsamling og jeres ønsker for hvad I vil komme med til middagen.




Godt Nyt år fra DK FMA og Selvforsvar Gruppen

Nyt års aften er snart her og vi vil gerne ønske jer et rigtigt Godt Nyt År i 2016.

For at læse en kort post fra Latosa Concepts klik på linket neden under.

Happy New Year from Latosa Concepts, FMA

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 19.56.46




Escrima hold training omkring Påske tiden. Dansk FMA og Selvforsvars klub opdatering

Escrima hold training omkring Påsken 2015. Dansk FMA og Selvforsvars klub opdatering

Dav allesammen. Vi håber I har det godt.  Escrima træning i Grøndals Center omkring Påske tiden ser sådan her ud.Escrima træning i københavn med Dansk fma 4

  • Mandag, 30-03-2015 …. træning 17:00-18:30
  • Onsdag, 1-04-2015 …. træning 17:00-18:30
  • Mandag, 6-04-2015 …. ingen træning
  • Ondag, 8-04-2015 …. træning 17:00-18:30
  • Alm. escrima træning fortsætter! Kryds fingerer for varmer vejer så vi kan begynde lørdag undendørs træning igen!


Dansk FMA og Selvforsvar Gruppen i Grøndals Multicenter

Dansk FMA og Selvforsvar Gruppen i Grøndals Multicenter

DK FMA i Grøndals Multicenter, København
DK FMA i Grøndals Multicenter, København

Fra 2-03-2015 træner Dansk FMA og Selvforsvars Gruppen i Grøndals Multicenter. På billedet, til venstre, ses parkering og generel information såsom pladser i bygningen og tider. Klick for at forstørre billedet.

Det næste billede viser selve salen, “brydelokalet” hvor vi mødes og træner sammen fra nu af.

DK FMA Træning salen i grøndalscenterKlub døren er nu åben for nye medlemmer. For at se mere om at blive medlem af Dansk FMA & Selvforsvar klik her. Der findes en blog hvor information om Filipino Kamp kunst kan læses. Den hedder LatosaConcepts.com. Der findes information om andre emne, ude    over bare Escrima/ Kali / Arnis.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 13.11.27Som en del af træningen bliver der ubevæbnet træning, palmstick træning, stokke træning, samt klingede træning. Mere kan ses her. Der er lidt information om træning samt en video som viser lidt af den træning man laver med Latosa Concepts, FMA og DK FMA Klubben. LC Bloggen har FMA terminology posts, video posts, samt post om  håndværksmæssige emner. LC, FMA bloggen vil fungere som en kilde til mere information for DK FMA & Selvforsvar gruppen fra nu af.

Der findes Youtube video’er samt et Pinterest konto med billeder.

Vi ses til træning

Bestyrelsen, Dansk FMA & Selvforsvar Gruppe



Potential lokal, General forsamling, mm

Dav allesammen.

Vi bruger en blog post som et eksperiment til at spræde en besked på.Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 13.11.51

Vi ser på et muligt lokale. Det får nogle spørgsmål til at kommer frem til lyset.

  • Vi ( bestyrelsen) skal høre om evt andre trænings tider. Det bliver tidligst 17:00 frem ad. Hvor mange er med på at begynde senere? Og hvor sent er for sent at begynde på træning.
  • Lige nu mødes vi tirsdag og torsdag. Er det muligt at justere til andre dage med jeres arbejdesplan? Giv os muligheder!
  • Hvis I ikke er begyndt efter en pause pga arbejde mm, skal vi høre hvornår I vil begynde igen. Det er bindende og ikke den gode vilje historie som vi skal have! Vi har hørt at “jeg begynder snart igen” mange mange gange! Sådan noget kan ikke bruges til et budget til lokale husleje! Når vi har stedet kan vi lave pr for nye medlemmer ud over jer.
  • Husk kontingent til tiden. Vi mangler fra 2 mennesker.
  • Husk trænings handsker, t-shirt, mm til træning.
  • Har I ønsker til hvad der snakkes om til vores general forsamling 21/03-2015. Hit med mulige samtale emner!
  • Klub email er DanishFMA@gmail.com
  • Kontakt siden her på siten kan bruges også!

Det kan godt være vi begynder at bruge blog post som beskeds format og ikke sms. Der er nogle medlemmer som har haft problemer med sms’er. Hvis det fungere godt fortsætter vi.


Opdatering 1 for DK FMA og Selvforsvars Grp i danmark.

Opdatering 1 for DK FMA og Selvforsvars Gruppen i danmark.

DAVS! Det er på tide at vi fortæller lidt om hvad der kommer og lidt om hvad der er sket. Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 13.11.27

Juletiden er begyndt og det mærkes på alle mulige måder. Træningstider der aflyses eller flyttes kan ses i vores nye afdeling på DK FMA siten her … DK FMA Kalender. Der findes andre dato’er og informationer også. Bestyrelses arbejdet har sin egen side her… Forenings side for DK FMA.

Til det sidste bestyrelses møde, snakkede vi om og fordelte opgaver angående evt. lokale for træning samt andet. Som altid, var det en rigtig god oplevelse at samles og snakke om diverse sager. Vi har en rigtig god gruppe af venner og trænings kammerater. Lad os håber der kommer nyt på den trænings lokale front hurtigt.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 17.17.36Vores Før Jul Julefrokost 2014 var endnu engang en god oplevelse for alle parter. Nu har vi været samlet før eller efter jule så mange gange at det er en tradition. Nogle mennesker kunne ikke komme, andre kunne, og MA var på besøg fra Det mørke Jylland. En cirka dato for den 2015 version findes på vores kalender her. Det kan justeres, da det bliver et emne for bestyrelsen i det nærmeste fremtid. Det er det samme for dato’en for  DK FMA General Forsamling 2015. 

Husk at Latosa Concepts, FMA bloggen er det sted, hvor der findes information som FMA Terminology, Entertainment, LC Craftsman’s Corner, Mental aspects of Self-Defense og mere. Klick her… LatosaConcepts.com

Der er kommet flere billeder på pinterest.com, hvis man vil se på billeder… LC Escrima with the Danish FMA and Self-Defense Group 

Video findes her på Youtube.com.

Ha’ det rigtig godt og God Jul!

Formand DK FMA